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The Growing Need for Learning to Lead

Below is a super informative info graphic on the growing popularity of learning to lead via entrepreneurship. Please take a look at it, and consider the benefits that entrepreneurship has to offer.

 Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Also  if you want to learn more about entrepreneurship education, there is a really terrific article posted on ApexStriving.com.  Be sure to check it out!

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Go Get Started!!


Pretty neat stuff… I just received a nice little article from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation that essentially says how now is the time to be considering your own start up BECAUSE WE ARE IN A RECESSION.(Now that sounds a little crazy…. I know)  But seriously though..It also gives us some researched insight on how most companies that have done so in a recession or bear market were actually more likely to survive long term than those companies which started when the times were good.  Heck!… why am I rephrasing this…just read below  if you are interested and follow their link to get the complete article and then when you are done…Go get started on your business for Pete’s Sake!!  We want you to make more money, increase your assetts, grow your cashflow, define your  own life, and all that other good stuff that comes with calling the shots.  Go Get Started!

More than Half of Fortune 500 Companies Were Founded in
Recession or Bear Market, Kauffman Foundation Study Finds

“A new study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation finds a silver lining in today’s challenging economic times: Recessions can spur entrepreneurship, which leads to the creation of much-needed new jobs.
The study The Economic Future Just Happened found that more than half of the companies on the 2009 Fortune 500 list were launched during a recession or bear market, along with nearly half of the firms on the 2008 Inc. list of America’s fastest-growing companies.
The report also suggests a broader economic trend, with job creation from startup companies proving to be less volatile and sensitive to downturns when compared to the overall economy. 
The complete study is posted on www.kauffman.org.”

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The Easy Way To Wealth (The 5th Element)

Through most of my research over the past couple of years, I have come across multiple ideas on how to become wealthy.I have actually come across four very similar answers time and time again, as to how one becomes wealthy,and recently I have come across a fifth way.So here is my list of the four most popular approaches most understood on how one can become wealthy, then I’ll give you the fifth.





Now the fifth way,which is a way that is very rarely followed or known, is by far the most important in easily attaining wealth. Brace yourself…………drum roll……The fifth way is….“Do what you love”. The fifth answer on how to become wealthy through my research has been, “ be sure to be passionate about what you are doing”The key point of this thought is, that when we are doing what we love, we are naturally using our most developed skills and strengths.In using our strengths and doing what we love doing, work naturally becomes play, and of course, when you are playing and having fun you never want to stop.This sincere passion for doing what you love, ultimately leads to your becoming extraordinary and remarkable at what you do.And according to Seth Godin, those who make all the money and lead their industries are those who are extraordinary and remarkable.We all know what we love, but the hard part is effectively using our strengths.Since finding your strengths may be a challenge I recommend taking a look at this serendipitous resource I came across recently.  It’s called Now, Discover Your Strengths.Hopefully it will help you to become wealthy the easy way.

Also, if you liked this blog, you’ll love this excellent resource on wealth because it is all about the essence of attaining wealth…. It’s called Best Books on Wealth.

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