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Mastering Mountains

This post serves to compliment my last two posts…and well many of the other posts that have been weaved throughout this blog that have been a type of  nudge from me to you  to grow…to change.  I think it’s appropriate for me to post this now because, let’s face it…I ask a lot of you.  I know I throw a lot of ideas and challenges out there to you that aren’t necessarily your everyday habits, and so I definitely understand that they are not easy to consider, let alone do.

So think of this post as your hiking gear to go along with all the “mountains” I’ve pointed out to you.  What I’ll stress first is this idea of not shrugging off ideas, activities, or goals that seem too hard to initiate, or from retreating from your challenge, your “mountain”, all because it looks too high or seems too difficult.  For instance, a couple of posts ago…I suggested being positive all the time as a way to live better, be happier, and to live a healthier life.  Of course I know it would be tough to automatically be “that” supercharged positive person starting tomorrow.  So if you decide to do it…will you be that person tomorrow?  No, but you’ll be closer.  Should you still try?  Yes!  Another example I suggested was journaling everyday, morning and night as a good practice to learn more, learn quicker, and to grow and become more at an exponential rate.  Do I think you will be writing five pages and have a completely revolutionized life by tomorrow?   No, not necessarily.  Do I think it’s a great idea and that you should strive for it?  Absolutely…no doubt!

I guess there are two things to really keep in mind when considering not just my recommendations, but anyone’s, or in starting anything new for that matter.  The first thing is….to start, and the second is…. to take small steps.

If you actually give your toughest challenges a try and pay attention…you will see, oddly, that there really is some type of magical power behind just starting.  What happens is….a momentum is created and shortly thereafter with enough persistence… the positive results begin to show up.  It’s Crazy!  Perhaps this is what Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe meant when he said:  “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it…boldness has genius power and magic in it”.

And then of course, there is the second thought to keep in mind when you are about to make some changes….and that is….take small steps, even baby steps if you have to.  The idea is to just start moving in a determined fashion towards your end point.  It always seems to work for the tortoise; it’s been working for the people who have achieved greatly…why couldn’t it work for you?  I’ll bet this is exactly what Confucius had in mind when he made his famous quote:  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

So..as much as I like to challenge you I am sure life likes to do it a whole lot more.  If you remember these two points I’ll bet your chances of surmounting those challenges, of mastering your mountains…. will go way up!  Give it a try…..Good luck!

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The Power of Pollyanna

I am compelled today to blog about the practicality of being a positive person no matter what.  Many people consider being extremely optimistic, otherwise known as Pollyanna (a person who is excessively optimistic without logical reasons for being so) as naïve.  But I must beg to differ, and argue for the opposite.

It’s not difficult to understand why some people might label another person as being naïve for choosing to be happy instead of sad all the time.  I mean, I know that there are many moments in our lives where we believe that we have the “right” to feel wronged, or even down, because hey, it is after all a tough world out there.  However, there is a power behind choosing a Pollyanna type approach, a power that many people just don’t necessarily seem to see.  Interestingly, what is usually not noticed in the individuals who carry themselves in this positive light is the subtle control and discipline that they are using to maintain it.  In actuality, holding strong and being positive in the face of negativity and scenarios which compel victimhood, ultimately demonstrates a mastery over ones emotions and reactions.  So what seems to be illogical to many is really a form of Spartan-like behavior that leads eventually to better results for the individual.  Let me show you what I mean.  Now I am sure there are many more benefits out there for maintaining this approach, but these are the three benefits that instantly come to my mind:

1.)  Living Your Best Life: A positive outlook means you feel better, and are thus happier most of the time, leading to a better overall experience of everyday life, which necessitates, overtime….a better life.  It was Marcus Aurelius after all who admonished:  “Reality is what our thoughts make of it.”  It is possible to force your reality to be a positive one.

2.)  Increasing Your Opportunities: A more practical benefit is the type of circumstances that one will attract.  It’s not blatantly obvious, but how you feel affects how people react to you.  If you feel good people will see that and will want to be around you to experience the same.  When you feel bad people won’t want to be around you.  This is important for business people and entrepreneurs.  By not constantly projecting an attractive positive personality, you increase your chances of missing opportunity, for the simple reason that key partners/clients might just be repelled by you.  If you are employed it closes doors to opportunities for advancement.  Nobody wants to work with, nor for, a person who has a tendency to be negative, showing little to no control over their emotions, and as a result potentially decreasing the well being of those whom they associate with.

3.)  Increasing Your Health: Positive thoughts = Good Health, Negative thoughts = Bad health.  The more susceptible you let yourself be to negative emotions and feelings the more vulnerable you will be to sicknesses and illnesses as well as slow recovery.  Don’t just take my word for it, look it up, read about it, the evidence is there.

Don’t want to do the research?  Well then give it spin, you’ll see….there is Power in Pollyanna!

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6 Activities To Activate You

So I was journaling this morning and had a small reminiscing moment.  I am not too sure what triggered the flash of old memories but I noticed it took me back to a place that was roughly about three to four years ago.  What I saw was some pretty interesting stuff.  I was simply astonished by my realization of how much has actually changed in such a short period of time and I am not talking about the external world.  What really stood out from my memories was how dramatically my outlook has been altered and even more so, my approach to life!  And I think it would be safe to say that it has been at least a 180 degree shift and all for the better, which I am sure some of my closest friends might agree with. …. Hopefully 🙂

So, since I had this amazing flash back and since I feel all these changes I’ve made in the past couple of years have been blessings, I thought I might share some of the activities that I think I owe it all to.  So…here they are:

1.)  I started reading 2 – 3 books per month

2.) I started journaling

3.) I started meditating

4.) I started running.

5.) I started waking up early to do a Power Hour (1 hour just for me)

6.) I started doing incantations

Well, I sincerely hope the 6 activities that have activated me most will activate you.  Give them a try!  What do you have to lose…besides your old self?…..


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What Are You Thinking?!!!!!!

teethinkerPeople from all over the globe, from every walk of life, and from every era have searched and wondered about the keys to success.  Millions upon millions of people have asked the age old question:  “How can I make my dreams come true?”  Their seeking always finds an answer; however, it doesn’t always find “the answer”.  You see, success comes to many people, but it never arrives in our lives all neat and nicely packed, and it certainly doesn’t come as easy as we all would like.  My hunch is that we have many cynical people in this day and age, because they say they have tried or have sought their dreams…once or twice, and so in turn the whole success thing is beyond reach.  The funny thing is…they think this way because they missed the proverbial boat once or twice.  So since they have been there, done that, they “think” they have a monopoly on reality (J).   Many times this manifests itself through their expressions of “you can’t do it”…or “you are going to lose your shirt” or better yet, “you are wasting your time” and of course this is always targeted at the resolute few who want to try, or who remain strong, determined, and who keep to the pursuit.

The fact is, just because you or I don’t first succeed, it does not mean that we can’t or won’t succeed, or that we are not meant for the end result we seek.  What it does mean, is that we need to manifest our success, we need to prove to our success that we deserve it, and sometimes this means using different systems and approaches.   A lot of times the first few failures that come along are the very obstacles that we let persuade us of our initial thinking, which is that we are not good enough, or capable, or that we don’t deserve our success.  It’s is after such events that we let our “small person thinking” win over or convince us as well as others that we can’t or don’t deserve more from life.  Here is the important part and it’s essentially the bottom line:  The vast majority of people believe or “think” that their first answer from their attempts at success is “the answer”, when in fact all they have is “an answer”, and hardly the correct one at that.  And why do they believe this?  They believe this because of the stuff that they have in their heads…what they are thinking about and how they are thinking about it. They don’t really think that they can succeed and haven’t learned how to think about failure or how to fail forward.

Success icons, leaders, and mentors have advocated throughout time that our thoughts create our reality.  For example Marcus Aurelius
said:  “We become what we think about”, James Allen
stated “as a man thinketh so is he”, Napolean Hill
held “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”, and even the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius exclaimed “Your life is what your thoughts make of it”.  Were they wrong?  NO.  Were they Successful?  YES!

So what are you thinking?  Are you letting you smaller self think that you can’t achieve because you haven’t yet succeeded?  I want to help you put success thoughts into your head!  Let’s improve your mindset and fast track your life and put it on the lane that it should be on, and if you are already on the right lane, let us teach you how to get to your destination quicker and easier.  At theEducatedEntrepreneur.com, we want to help people succeed, because when YOU succeed we succeed!  We have provided affordable access to the future of learning and positive personal & business development media that will help focus your mind on the ideas, actions, skills, and thoughts that will lead you to your highest and best self, so you can in turn reach your successes and dreams.  Allow us to help you in getting what you want by signing up for our business & life improving content.  Visit us at www.theEducatedEntrepreneur.com and learn more about the answer to becoming your greatest self and attaining your success!

DON’T MISS A THING!  Sign Up for to automatically receive all the thought changing info YOU NEED!!!

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To Our New Enterprising Selves

I thought I would The Educated Entrepreneur blog off with a great topic about newness and rejuvenation.  Something I think many of us should consider.  It’s called Learning or Decaying

“There’s a cure for aging that nobody is talking about…it is called learning”.

This was a sentence and title of a chapter which I pulled from a book I was reading recently by Robin Sharma.   It was called The Greatness Guide (Which is an Awesome Book that I highly recommend).  Robin’s words spoke true wisdom to me, as I am sure they have to inestimable others….  Especially since he is the author of several internationally published best -selling books and has been ranked No. 2 on the international Leadership Guru’s Survey.   The sentence resonated with me very well, especially since I have recently decided to devote more effort and time to becoming a better me.  I was astonished to hear these exact words come from Robin Sharma,  a person who I deeply respect, because it is exactly the way I feel, and it ensures my belief in what we are doing at The Educated Entrepreneur, which is to continually push ourselves to become better, so we can serve better.  In our society, we see people constantly talking about how bad things are, how bad their lives are, and how there is not answer or solution in sight.  It is definitely a type of victim thinking that we see our society and world perpetually focused on.  The majority seem to not be interested in taking responsibility for their lack, or their shortcomings, or their problems….a great many acts as if they can’t LEARN how to overcome their challenges…and that is why this is a great start to a great beginning.

So…  it is my hope that this blog will act as an instrument to help myself and others become our best enterprising selves through continual education…. To our new selves.

“The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become.” – Jim Rohn

To A New You

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