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New Marketing For New Marketers

SQUIDOO IS PRETTY COO!!!  Well, I have finally started my lens building on squidoo.com(Yippeeee) and thought I would share it here with all of my entrepreneur friends as it is a phenomenal tool for teaching business minded individuals a new way of marketing.  Essentially squidoo is a GPT website created by the ultimate entrepreneur Seth Godin.  What is GPT?  GPT means Get Paid To…with squidoo.com, you will be getting paid to create lens (websites) on subjects and topics of your interest, of course you will only get paid if your lens can attract enough individuals to it, whereby individuals will be diverted to affiliate marketing or built in advertising and eventually purchase something. 

It’s pretty cool because you won’t have to create all of the affiliate memberships nor will you have to do all of the manual linking that one must do if they are striving to do this type of marketing on their personal blogs or websites on their own.  It’s all built in and free. (FREE IS FOR ME)  It’s especiallygreat for newbies because it gives them insight as to what works and doesn’t work in building followers or interested readers, plus it allows them to only focus on the material they are producing instead of all of the technical stuff.  Check it out

Also, if you are interested in my top ten list of life changing and inspiring books you can take a look at my newest lens at  GreatnessGuides, and if you would like to stay connected with up-to-date ideas and stories regarding entrepreneurship sign up for our mailing list.

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Seth Godin Rocks!

I don’t care who you are, but if you have any interest in growing your business and learning what actually drives business in this “information age”, it would behoove you to read some of Seth Godin’s books.  I have read 3 of his books so far and have found many REMARKABLE IDEAS

embedded within.

It’s pretty powerful when someone can change your whole perspective on marketing and exposure in 10 pages.  Check him out for your businesses sake(especially for all you Marketers out there)….check him out for you own sake.

Currently I am reading his book Meatball Sunday and it has really opened my eyes as well…. One thing that has me really curious though…is how does Seth come up with all this stuff?  The guy must be a genius…..He Rocks!

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