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Wages Vs. Profits


A mentor of mine, Jim Rohnwho I’ve been following for a couple of years now, uttered a phrase that caught my attention, more so than usual while studying  him recently.   He had such a strong and significant impact on me  on the day that I heard him say “profits are better than wages. Wages will make you a living, profits can make you a fortune.”

I found the phrase sage like.  I remember repeating what he said to myself  and then thinking about how truly difficult  it most likely is to get rich on just wages alone, and how readily profits can be made if we focus our efforts on accumulating them.  It was a pretty outstanding moment of clarity for me, and I still get the goose bumps whenever I think about it!

Following that phrase,   Jim Rohn went on to make a point about how profits  can actually change your whole attitude, even if you start part-time.  I really warmed up to his suggestion, and perhaps you will too, because he states that it doesn’t matter if it’s part-time on your entrepreneurial business,  your network marketing company, or your service business.

To Jim it didn’t matter.  To him it could be a real estate business, a tutoring business as a teacher, a website design business, a landscaping business in the summer, a consulting practice, woodworking, or a hobby,  heck, he even goes so far as to mention a business of hanging Christmas lights in the winter.

The magic he says, comes from the moment you start investing effort part-time into your own business, because it is then, that you will find how much more exciting it is to get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and go to work on your fortune, even if it is only a small portion of your schedule,… something like 10 – 15 hours per week.

How empowering  would it be, to be able to go to work on your fortune every single day rather than going to work to just pay the rent or the bills?    So you don’t get me or Jim wrong I will quote you some words directly from him when he says ” Now – it is noble to go to work to pay the rent, but if you could also parcel out part of your time – go to work to make your fortune.  Your whole attitude changes; your spirit changes. It is in your voice.  It is in your face.  It is in your gestures.  And then you can say, “I am now working full-time on my job and part-time on my fortune because I found a way to make profits.”

Wow….how amazing is that?  Slightly magical isn’t it?!!  What do you think on the idea of Wages Vs. Profits?  Have you taken any steps to learn how you can make profits vs. wages?  Are you teaching your kids these kinds of concepts?  If not, why not?

PS – If you are ever considering getting something started part-time, you’ll likely need a website.  If that’s the case, this hosting deal is a no-brainer.



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TGIF….but If not NOW, then When?

Your Life…Your Design  (Image courtesy of dryicons.com

It’s Friday, yahoo!!, the weekend is just around the corner and I am tempted to turn off the laptop, take a nap, go to the pool, and then maybe even prep for a nice night out on the town.  It’s exciting!  So much “FUN” waiting to be had, but, then I realize I have some things that I really want to accomplish.  Activities that I really would like to begin…things I wrote down yesterday and promised myself I would do today.. creations and dreams that are dying to be manifested.  So…what should one do?

I understand the choice will be different for everyone.  Many will choose to “go have fun”…”live it up”….”let their hair down” ….release their Dionysian spirit so to speak.  And this is all good,very tempting, and even healthy(when done in moderation of course…else you end up like Jim Morrison).  And some…more than likely a very select few, will choose to channel that energy into something else.  They will use it to create their dreams, do their  “perpetually procrastinated pet project”, write a book, work on themselves, give back to the world, or become something more than they were yesterday .

What will you do?  Are you going to do the usual, give in to your habits, do what’s easy and more enjoyable, and what everyone else is doing?  Or are you going to put off a little bit of that excess fun to do a little bit more of those activities which you are always complaining about not having enough time for?  And hey, if you choose to go out and play… awesome TGIF!!… please have a brewski for me, but remember this, if you don’t make time for your biggest plans now, then when will you?

Before you decide, process this quote that John C. Maxwell said so well…   “Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.”

Have a Phenomenal Friday!!!

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7 Steps to Business Elevation

Starting new businesses can be a roller coaster ride.  The essence of  enterprising actually consists of many ups and downs, whereby it seems that the downs outway the ups   ….in  many cases, when we look at business building, it may also seem like it only consists of downs.   It truly can be a crazy ride, a hellish ride even..if you let it…especially if one hasn’t done their homework.  

I came across a really good step by step process recently that I thought was good sage advice to which can undoubtedly increase any enterprising entrepreneur’s chances of having a successful business venture.  Maybe even one where the proverbial roller coaster ride only goes up.


Seven Formulas For Business Success By:

 Brian Tracy

Visualize Your Goals

There are seven formulas for business success. Number one, set a specific goal and visualize it as a reality. Play the picture of your goal as already realized on the screen of your mind over and over again. Number two, look for a problem you can solve with a product or service that is high quality and good value. All successful businesses are based on products or services that are high quality and good value. Number three, start small and learn your business thoroughly. Be patient. Invest time rather than a lot of mo ney.

Bootstrap Your Way To Success

One of the best ways to build a business is to start off on a bootstrap. This means that you start off with very little money and you grow your business with the money that you ear n in the business, rather than outside financing, borr owing, loans from friends and so on.  Test, Test, Test Number four, test every major move before you invest in it.

Test, test, test.

Don’t plunge into a business. Move ahead carefully, one step at a time. Number five, expand on the basis of your successes, out of your profits, as you move along. In other words, only expand your business on mo ney that you’ve earned in the business, not on borrowed capital. 

Pick Your People Carefully

Number six, carefully select the people to help you expand and grow. The biggest mistakes you’ll ever make will be in picking the wrong people to work with, so be very, very careful in picking the people you’re going to work with in your business.  Use Financial Leverage and number seven, use financial leverage. Financial leverage is business borrowing, lines of credit from the bank, which are based on the cash flow from your successful business. The whole aim of starting a business is to develop a consistent, predictable source of cash flow in excess of cost and expenses and then to hold to the money.  Banks will lend you all the money that you can service as debt with your cash flow.

Start Off Part Time

One final thing that you can do, and I’ve recommended that many people do this over the years, is if you’re starting off with no money, go to work part-time for a business in a field that interests you. It’s a great form of on-the-job training. Work evenings or work week ends. Or work on your holidays if you like. Sometimes a business that looks big from the outside will look terrible once you start working for it. But sometimes when you start working for a business, you start to get a great understanding of how it works and you get insights on how you can improve it.

Learn What You Need To Learn

Remember this, though, most businesses fail because of manager incompetence. So take the time to learn what you need to know to succeed. Be patient. The time you invest before you start will pay off over and over again in the months and years ahead.

Action Ex ercises

Here are two things you can do immediately to implement these formulas for business success: First, be prepared. The number one reason that people succeed in starting their own businesses is that they have the knowledge and experience, in advance that they need to succeed. Do your homework. Second, start small. Some people think that they can be successful faster by putting all their money up front at the very beginning. The opposite is true. Start small and grow out of your cash flow from successful operations.

Visit http://www.briantracy.comto learn more about his great information

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Fear is a Portal to Your Success (The 6th Element)

On the last post I spoke of the 5th element of achieving success, which was of course, doing what you love, or having a passion about what you are doing to make your living.  The reason why this element is so important is because it adds velocity to your momentum of success.  Here’s what I mean;  when you love what you do, usually, you are always thinking about that passion or interest anyway…it comes natural to you..Your mind doesn’t want to think about anything else….so the “You become what you think about” way to success, mentioned in my last post, is mostly handled.  Now, obviously, the other 3 ways are up to acquiring a good financial sense.

The crucial point here is; one of the most important hindrances of success is diluted when one loves what they do…..    What is this hindrance?..

The hindrance of fear.   When you truly believe in something, the fear you would normally have in performing the acts needed to successfully execute, are made more tolerable, thus increasing the chances of you actually doing them.

This is so important because, fear, can pretty much be seen as the biggest obstacle to most people’s dreams.  Once we as individuals or business leaders decide to take on our fears, to step into them, and challenge them, we ultimately take a step into the light of our success.

A good way to look at Fear is as a portal to your success.  It is in essence, my 6th element of success.

P.S  a great book that I read on Fear is  called:

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway (r)  Check it out.

Love what you do + Do what you Fear = Success

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The Easy Way To Wealth (The 5th Element)

Through most of my research over the past couple of years, I have come across multiple ideas on how to become wealthy.I have actually come across four very similar answers time and time again, as to how one becomes wealthy,and recently I have come across a fifth way.So here is my list of the four most popular approaches most understood on how one can become wealthy, then I’ll give you the fifth.





Now the fifth way,which is a way that is very rarely followed or known, is by far the most important in easily attaining wealth. Brace yourself…………drum roll……The fifth way is….“Do what you love”. The fifth answer on how to become wealthy through my research has been, “ be sure to be passionate about what you are doing”The key point of this thought is, that when we are doing what we love, we are naturally using our most developed skills and strengths.In using our strengths and doing what we love doing, work naturally becomes play, and of course, when you are playing and having fun you never want to stop.This sincere passion for doing what you love, ultimately leads to your becoming extraordinary and remarkable at what you do.And according to Seth Godin, those who make all the money and lead their industries are those who are extraordinary and remarkable.We all know what we love, but the hard part is effectively using our strengths.Since finding your strengths may be a challenge I recommend taking a look at this serendipitous resource I came across recently.  It’s called Now, Discover Your Strengths.Hopefully it will help you to become wealthy the easy way.

Also, if you liked this blog, you’ll love this excellent resource on wealth because it is all about the essence of attaining wealth…. It’s called Best Books on Wealth.

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What is ILG?….psst…It’s the type of Edge that won’t hurt you

What is ILG?

I have been receiving many emails about the ILG(ilearningglobal.tv) product which I host and advocate as an integral tool on my blog.    So what is this ILG?

Well, in short, it is an online learning medium which is essentially a virtual library of audio, video, and electronic books that have been produced by some of the world’s most renowned businessmen, professional speakers, business coaches, and motivational guru’s to date.


Why is this product on my blog?

 I have placed easy access to this tool/product on my blog because of its inordinate potential value to the public.  Since TheEducatedEntrepreneur.com is adamant in becoming a valuable tool and catalyst for assisting individuals and businesses in finding their passion, becoming extraordinary, and in positively changing the world, no better tool could be endorsed. 

I have personally found that the material provided on the ILG hub is some of the most (if not the most) relevant and current material one could find for competing and performing at the highest level in today’s business world.   DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND


iContact.com - Email Marketing Service

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Find Your Calling, Reveal Your Life’s Poetic Possibilites

“”Living your best life is to find out what your calling is. Your real job on Earth is to find out what you were meant to be doing and to find a way to do that thing.” —Oprah Winfrey

For years, I’d wondered what my life purpose was, what my calling was, especially in business. I’ve always known that I was good at marketing, but I also knew I was here for something bigger than I could dream, yet I couldn’t figure out what that was. I’ll admit I had a sometimes painful upbringing and early adulthood, and I always wondered WHY this was all happening to me. If there’s supposed to be a reason for everything, then what was the reason I experienced so many deeply trying times? What was I supposed to do with all of it? I just couldn’t figure it out.

In the last few years, I’ve made it a habit to record Oprah on a daily basis and am familiar with her saying, “Use your life.” Countless times, I’ve heard her inspire her viewers to look for the meaning in something that’s happened to them, and then ask them to turn around and do something useful with it. The concept seems to be: Don’t necessarily wallow in what’s happened to you.

Instead, use the experience and the learning to help others, to make a difference, to create change. THAT is your life purpose. THAT is your calling, and it’s super important for businesses like ours because we can affect people and businesses so directly.

Since then, I’ve realized why all that happened to me and why I’m here. From my experiences, I learned to overcome my once very low self-esteem, as well as the negative beliefs and playing small, to have more confidence and to really go for what I want in life. I also learned about having compassion for others (including my clients), to know that we all have painful experiences that shape who we are today; we all have fears and things holding us back, but these don’t need to continue to hold us back.

At the same time, we all have massive potential for success, and to make a difference, especially being self-employed. It’s just a question of getting out of our own way and then getting out there in a BIG way.

Using Client Attraction, I use my ‘calling’ on a daily basis with my clients. Yes, early on and for the majority of the time, we focus heavily on the marketing. (Listen, if you’re sitting on the sofa WAITING for clients day after day, you’re not going to make a big difference in this world.) You were given a gift, so you need to get out there to tell people about it and start helping people get results. Therefore, the marketing is absolutely crucial.

But once the marketing systems are in place, the ‘calling’ piece of it extends also to the other stuff that most entrepreneurs never put their attention to: increasing their confidence, getting out of their own way and into their true potential success (it’s already IN them, they just haven’t accessed it fully up to now). Especially women.

That might mean noticing how they get stopped by a chronic conditioning of playing too small, limiting thoughts, not deserving, subtle self-sabotaging behaviors, and fears that may or may not really exist, but are DEFINITELY getting in the way. In addition to the marketing, that’s where I can make a massive difference in someone’s business success and in his or her life. I’m a marketing junkie, but that’s the juicy stuff for me. Best of all, it works and clients love the outcome.

When you’re coming from your ‘calling,’ clients get better results, give you amazing testimonials, and more referrals. You begin to make a more substantial difference and that automatically translates to more success, more income, and all that stuff.

Wondering how to tap into your own calling? Here’s what I learned about finding mine:

When you’re NOT aligned with your life purpose, life is more of a struggle.
Hardship is actually good. It’s a sign from the Universe that you’re not necessarily on the right track. See hardship as a blessing and a clue.
It’s not about necessarily CHANGING your business (I’m still doing Client Attraction and marketing); it’s a clue that you may need to change your direction a tiny bit or tweak it just slightly.
Your Assignment:
Find a way to weave your ‘calling’ into your work. Ask yourself these questions for clues on finding yours:

What section of the bookstore do you hang around in the most?
Look around you for signs about your purpose. They’re everywhere if you look for them. Little happy coincidences aren’t coincidences at all. They’re ALL signs.
If you act upon the signs and take inspired action, you’ll expedite your journey to living your purpose.
Find what comes easily to you, what helps others AND makes you feel good at the same time. If something brings you joy (like, for me, teaching and inspiring entrepreneurs to truly succeed on all levels) then it’s something to pursue.
Once you’ve found it, start weaving it little by little into your every day work with clients, or start doing it a little at a time. Instead of doing a complete 180, test out the waters. Look for how you FEEL. Look for the subtle feedback. Then add a little more, so that it feels authentic to you. As you keep going, add even a little more of it until it feels really good and you notice a difference in your clients’ results and how they relate to you. Start weaving it in your talks, your teleclasses, your networking, and your articles. Over time, when it feels right, you can start adding it permanently to your marketing materials.

Your calling is to help others AND to feel good doing it. Once you find it, throw yourself into it. Success, clients, and increased revenues will naturally come to you when you do. You won’t believe you get paid to live it.

All that said, I urge you NOT to forget the marketing. When you market authentically, Client Attraction becomes big-time easy. Not sure where to start? Try the step-by-step system that will feel easy and authentic to you. The Client Attraction Home Study System™ avoids all the extraneous stuff that could distract your growth and instead gives you the most important things to do to set up simple, solid systems, so that you consistently fill your pipeline and continually get new clients. It’s all step-by-step, not a big mishmash of things. So, you do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. So easy. All the tools, scripts, templates, and examples are handed to you on a silver platter. You can get it at www.TheClientAttractionSystem.com.

I hope you enjoyed this great article I pulled from http://www.zeromillion.com.  It was actually procduced by Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Expert, is founder of the Client Attraction System™, the proven step-by-step program to attract more clients, in record time&ldots;guaranteed. To receive your freebie audio CD by mail and sign up for her weekly how-to articles on attracting more clients, visit www.ClientAttraction.com.

I this article because it was well written and pretty much sums up alot about my experience…so I hope you enjoyed it.

P.S It is a must for you to take a look at this video. A MUST I Tell YOU. It’s from Robin Sharma of Sharma Leadership International…and it is a terrific proclamation of Pursuing Your Dreams…

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It’s True! YOU Are An Entrepreneur!!

We Are All Entrepreneurs

The modern definition of the word Entrepreneur can be described as a person who has possession over an enterprise, or venture, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrepreneur)  In common understanding it is taken as describing a dynamic personality and someone who attempts to organize resources in new and more valuable ways and once more, completely accepts full responsibility for the outcome. (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/entrepreneur)

Here’s an insight… We as humans naturally organize resources vital to our lives in new and more valuable ways in order that we may reach certain and specific outcomes, especially if those outcomes are directly related to our well being and survival.  For example, we organize our mental resources to apply and compete for specific types of jobs so that we may earn the income necessary to secure for ourselves a lifestyle suitable to our chosen comforts and desires.  Another example can be found in our choosing to go to college,  seek specific training,  or taking certified courses with a personal/business development company, so that we may become more valuable to our employers and in turn more valuable , successful, and ultimately reliable to ourselves and our families.  We make many decisions and ultimately we must live with them and their outcomes. We risk our time, our money, our efforts for an unknown outcome. In short we are all risk takers and in business for ourselves, and so we are in a way, all entrepreneurs of a sort, seeking to capitalize on the ever emerging opportunities and resources that we continually see come before us.  Robin Sharma (Sharma Leadership International) alludes to a certain parallel so well when he describes humans as their own corporation and labels us as Humans Inc., so to with Earl Nightingale(Nightingale-Conant Corp) and Brian Tracy (ilearnginGlobal) when they envision all of us as CEO’s of our own personal lives.

It is my belief that we are all responsible for this personal venture/enterprise known as our life.   I choose this example not because it’s a good metaphor, but because it captures most completely the essence of the human life;  which can be seen as an adventure, a  journey, a place of risks, and an environment that is continually changing, becoming, and evolving.  Businesses come and go…but the entrepreneur always remains.  And so yes…It’s true!  YOU area an Entrepreneur!!

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A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions. – Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

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What Are You Thinking?!!!!!!

teethinkerPeople from all over the globe, from every walk of life, and from every era have searched and wondered about the keys to success.  Millions upon millions of people have asked the age old question:  “How can I make my dreams come true?”  Their seeking always finds an answer; however, it doesn’t always find “the answer”.  You see, success comes to many people, but it never arrives in our lives all neat and nicely packed, and it certainly doesn’t come as easy as we all would like.  My hunch is that we have many cynical people in this day and age, because they say they have tried or have sought their dreams…once or twice, and so in turn the whole success thing is beyond reach.  The funny thing is…they think this way because they missed the proverbial boat once or twice.  So since they have been there, done that, they “think” they have a monopoly on reality (J).   Many times this manifests itself through their expressions of “you can’t do it”…or “you are going to lose your shirt” or better yet, “you are wasting your time” and of course this is always targeted at the resolute few who want to try, or who remain strong, determined, and who keep to the pursuit.

The fact is, just because you or I don’t first succeed, it does not mean that we can’t or won’t succeed, or that we are not meant for the end result we seek.  What it does mean, is that we need to manifest our success, we need to prove to our success that we deserve it, and sometimes this means using different systems and approaches.   A lot of times the first few failures that come along are the very obstacles that we let persuade us of our initial thinking, which is that we are not good enough, or capable, or that we don’t deserve our success.  It’s is after such events that we let our “small person thinking” win over or convince us as well as others that we can’t or don’t deserve more from life.  Here is the important part and it’s essentially the bottom line:  The vast majority of people believe or “think” that their first answer from their attempts at success is “the answer”, when in fact all they have is “an answer”, and hardly the correct one at that.  And why do they believe this?  They believe this because of the stuff that they have in their heads…what they are thinking about and how they are thinking about it. They don’t really think that they can succeed and haven’t learned how to think about failure or how to fail forward.

Success icons, leaders, and mentors have advocated throughout time that our thoughts create our reality.  For example Marcus Aurelius
said:  “We become what we think about”, James Allen
stated “as a man thinketh so is he”, Napolean Hill
held “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”, and even the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius exclaimed “Your life is what your thoughts make of it”.  Were they wrong?  NO.  Were they Successful?  YES!

So what are you thinking?  Are you letting you smaller self think that you can’t achieve because you haven’t yet succeeded?  I want to help you put success thoughts into your head!  Let’s improve your mindset and fast track your life and put it on the lane that it should be on, and if you are already on the right lane, let us teach you how to get to your destination quicker and easier.  At theEducatedEntrepreneur.com, we want to help people succeed, because when YOU succeed we succeed!  We have provided affordable access to the future of learning and positive personal & business development media that will help focus your mind on the ideas, actions, skills, and thoughts that will lead you to your highest and best self, so you can in turn reach your successes and dreams.  Allow us to help you in getting what you want by signing up for our business & life improving content.  Visit us at www.theEducatedEntrepreneur.com and learn more about the answer to becoming your greatest self and attaining your success!

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To Our New Enterprising Selves

I thought I would The Educated Entrepreneur blog off with a great topic about newness and rejuvenation.  Something I think many of us should consider.  It’s called Learning or Decaying

“There’s a cure for aging that nobody is talking about…it is called learning”.

This was a sentence and title of a chapter which I pulled from a book I was reading recently by Robin Sharma.   It was called The Greatness Guide (Which is an Awesome Book that I highly recommend).  Robin’s words spoke true wisdom to me, as I am sure they have to inestimable others….  Especially since he is the author of several internationally published best -selling books and has been ranked No. 2 on the international Leadership Guru’s Survey.   The sentence resonated with me very well, especially since I have recently decided to devote more effort and time to becoming a better me.  I was astonished to hear these exact words come from Robin Sharma,  a person who I deeply respect, because it is exactly the way I feel, and it ensures my belief in what we are doing at The Educated Entrepreneur, which is to continually push ourselves to become better, so we can serve better.  In our society, we see people constantly talking about how bad things are, how bad their lives are, and how there is not answer or solution in sight.  It is definitely a type of victim thinking that we see our society and world perpetually focused on.  The majority seem to not be interested in taking responsibility for their lack, or their shortcomings, or their problems….a great many acts as if they can’t LEARN how to overcome their challenges…and that is why this is a great start to a great beginning.

So…  it is my hope that this blog will act as an instrument to help myself and others become our best enterprising selves through continual education…. To our new selves.

“The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become.” – Jim Rohn

To A New You

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