Hi There!  Welcome to The Educated Entrepreneur.  Our main interest is to provide  value to YOU.   We’d like to think that your exposure to the material put together on this site will gradually lead you to experience some of the benefits of fully developing your skills, talents, and motivation, so ultimately, you can join the march and affect your own change on both a personal and global level as an entrepreneur.  Let the Adventures begin!!!

The modern definition of the word Entrepreneur is as a person who has possession over an enterprise, or venture, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.

In common understanding it is taken as describing the dynamic personality of someone who attempts to organize resources in new and more valuable ways, and completely accepts full responsibility for the outcome. (dictionary.com)

As humans we naturally organize resources vital to our lives in new and more valuable ways in order to reach certain and specific outcomes, especially if those outcomes are directly related to our well being and survival. For example, we organize our mental resources to apply and compete for specific types of jobs so that we may earn the income necessary to secure a lifestyle suitable to our chosen comforts and desires. Another example is choosing to go to college or seek specific training with a personal/business development company, so that we may become more valuable to our employers. We make many decisions and ultimately we must live with them and their outcomes. In short we are all risk takers and in business for ourselves, and so we are in a way, all entrepreneurs of a sort, seeking to capitalize on the ever emerging opportunities and resources that we continually see come before us. Robin Sharma describes humans as their own corporations and labels us as Humans Inc. Earl Nightingale and Brian Tracy describe similar views, when they envision us as CEO’s of our own personal lives.

And so, it is our mission to help entrepreneurs (everyone) soar, by assisting them in becoming financially, mentally, and professionally adept. We want entrepreneurs to become a success in life and in business, and since entrepreneurs know they are completely responsible for their outcomes, it is important for them to have the best resources and highest skills available, so that their risks are minimized and their successes comfortably secured.   It is our mission to provide relevant, and most inspiring resources through our blogs, articles, research, and commitment, so you can make the changes necessary to reach your full potential as a successful entrepreneur.


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10 thoughts on “About

  1. carolucky says:

    Hi Educated Entrepreneur!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and all, I hope we keep in touch and form a great alliance! 🙂

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  3. Educated Entrepreneur says:

    Hey there!

    I was looking around for your email, but was unable to find it, so i figured a message from here would suffice. i was reading your most recent motivation article when you said, “or would you say…”let’s go do it…let’s go put a dent in the universe nate?” and i was like, “yes, let’s go!…wait, how does he know my name?… well, whatever, let’s go!”

    it was a great read. i have very few entrepreneurially minded people around me, and so i am constantly read, watching, and writing in order to fill that void.

    i’m getting two projects off the ground now, so i’m as voracious as ever. (maybe i’ll send you a link to them once they establish a presence–hopefully soon) i just subscribed to your blog and did some poking around. i’m recommending it to some of my friends who i know will be interested in subscribing as well.

    take care, nate

  4. Hey Nate! I hope you are finding much success in your push towards getting your projects off the ground. Thanks for your comment! I will be sure to put some new material out there soon! Until then… keep on fighting the good fight! Your day will come when your dent will be noticed, and if not, well….at least you made a dent!

  5. Kyle Haycock says:

    Tons of great info….thanks. I’m going to share it with my followers.

  6. I don’t see another way to contact you. I’ve interviewed 21 entrepreneurial millionaires to find out how and why they did what they did and now I share their stories in my book, 21 Questions for 21 Millionaires: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Success.

    I’d like to know if this would be an interesting story for your next blog.

  7. You made some respectable points there. I seemed on the internet for the difficulty and located most people will associate with along with your website.

  8. Sure thing, I’ll take a look at it and will be happy to post it.

  9. […] those of you that have not had the pleasure of stumbling across TED yet, The Educated Entrepreneur (https://theeducatedentrepreneur.wordpress.com/about/) has done us the great favour of compiling 10 ted talks […]

  10. Learn More says:

    thnx for sharing this amazing site.

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