3 Entrepreneur ICONS to Learn From Now.

Below is a list of 3 videos that gives some great insight on the 3 entrepreneurs that every aspiring entrepreneur should be aware of.

5 Best Motivational Sites Fore Entrepreneurs

Watch these guys closely.  They have tons of insight to impart and they are entrepreneurial rockstars in their own right.


John Lee Dumas is the founder of eofire.com, a podcast that interviews a new enterpreneur every day 7 days a week.  He is certainly rocking the entrepreneurial world and has massive entrepreneurial insights that you can gleam from him.



Evan Carmichael is a true believe in entrepreneurs.  You can not go wrong in learning from this guy.  He is the creator of Youtube’s popular Top 10 Rules series and has a massive following.  This entrepreneur has massive value to teach if you will but listen.



I have been watching this guy for years, and every year he gets better.  If there is one entrepreneur you should be watching, it is this guy.. GaryVee.  He’s motivational, inspirational, and full of great entrepreneurial advice.

There you have it.. 3 entrepreneur icons to learn from.  Watch these guys and learn from them.  Don’t get too wrapped up in all of their content, because they create a lot.  Watch just enough to get you going, and then make your move.

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