5 Useful Motivational Sites For Entrepreneurs

Everyone needs motivation.  Careerists, artists, students.  But the one group of people who need it the most, are  entrepreneurs.

5 Best Motivatonal Site For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are typically self-driven, so don’t require the initial motivation to get the moving on their goals and dreams.  However; due to the high stakes involved in the entrepreneurial arena, motivation can quickly fade when results don’t come quickly.

As such, the entrepreneur.  The determined entrepreneur, can never have too little exposure to content that can keep them humming along in full hustle-mode.

5 Highly Useful Sites to Motivate Entrepreneurs

To help my fellow entrepreneurs, I am putting together this list of the top 5 up and coming motivational sites that can help you stay engaged with your goals, and moving at the pace necessary to stay competitive and WIN in the entrepreneurial arena.  These resources are listed in no particular order.

With out further ado, here is the list.

1.  Motivation Grid

Motivation Grid is a great resource for entrepreneurs.  The site pulls together tons of great stories to help motivate entrepreneurs stay on fire.  The founder also does a great job creating motivational videos which are extremely inspirational as well.  It’s a great site, and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.


The STRIVE is an up and coming website geared towards motivating and encouraging entrepreneurs and go-getters in their pursuit of achievement.  The site provides a sleek minimalist design, with bold visuals, and is consistently providing powerful posts, images, and audio content to motivate entrepreneurs.

3. Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is a sleek website, with a continuous stream of motivational content.  There stories cover more than just entrepreneurship, but many are focused on go-getters and the ambitious.  It is definitely a must-see resource for entrepreneurs.

4. Addicted2Success

Addicted2Success has been around for a long time.  It has tons of content to motivate and keep people striving towards their dreams.  Sometimes, they let quantity trump quality, but if you have the patience to sift through their many posts, you’ll be sure to find some entrepreneurial gems.

5. EOFire

EOFire.com or Entreprneur On Fire is a staple in the entrepreneurship community.  This site is heavy on podcasts, but the stories and entrepreneurial journeys that are published  daily are second to none.  On top of this, they are highly motivational.

That’s All She Wrote

At that’s all she wrote.  5 powerful resources to help you stay motivated during your entrepreneurial journey.  May they serve you well!

If you think any other’s should be on this list, please share.

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