What is ILG?….psst…It’s the type of Edge that won’t hurt you

What is ILG?

I have been receiving many emails about the ILG(ilearningglobal.tv) product which I host and advocate as an integral tool on my blog.    So what is this ILG?

Well, in short, it is an online learning medium which is essentially a virtual library of audio, video, and electronic books that have been produced by some of the world’s most renowned businessmen, professional speakers, business coaches, and motivational guru’s to date.


Why is this product on my blog?

 I have placed easy access to this tool/product on my blog because of its inordinate potential value to the public.  Since TheEducatedEntrepreneur.com is adamant in becoming a valuable tool and catalyst for assisting individuals and businesses in finding their passion, becoming extraordinary, and in positively changing the world, no better tool could be endorsed. 

I have personally found that the material provided on the ILG hub is some of the most (if not the most) relevant and current material one could find for competing and performing at the highest level in today’s business world.   DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND


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