Begin Being the BEST IN THE WORLD!!


All right…  So today was a pretty interesting day.  It definitely was a day which many people might need to have.   Why?   Well, because it’s about becoming the best in the world…that’s why.

So, to begin, the day started with a download from Seth Godin’s blog, a very good and highly recommended download at that.  The download was primarily about marketing, business, and the usual great ideas that come from Seth Godin.  However, what really caught my attention on this download was Seth’s enthusiastic approval and suggestion of becoming the best in the world. (Or according to Seth,  to not be so boring)

Now, I don’t know if it was serendipity or not, but shortly after listening to this great download about becoming the best in the world(which according to Seth is done by harnessing your strengths or playing to your strengths and being GREAT at what we do..not just good), I stumbled upon a book at my girlfriend’s office about finding and utilizing your own strength’s.  It was called Now, Discover Your Strengths, and the really cool part about this book is that it had an online strengths analyzer, which appeared to be pretty well put together.   Given the rollout of events I became excited because I just listened to Seth talk about this, and now I had a clear reason and way to find out what mine were.  Now, before you begin wondering why I became so excited to have this” strengths finder”, listen to this…I’ve only determined my strengths from the usual online personality tests or from my own personal analysis, but this book was about really zeroing in on them.   COOOOOOOL HUH?!!    I am all about sharpening the saw.

Now another serendipitous occurrence that manifested itself, was my coming across a webpage that seemed to really be advocating what the Educated Entrepreneur is all about, moreover, this webpage also had a great blog about how to become your most successful self.   And wouldn’t you know it…the page is almost entirely about getting out and doing your own thing but of course… doing  it easily and  successfully, which certainly epitomizes doing what you are exceptionally great at and not trying to fixate or overly focus on what you aren’t so good at.    His webpage is called The Lazy Way to Success and it is great…please be sure to come back to mine though J

Alright…now you have some inspiration, a guide, and the tools to become the BEST IN THE WORLD.

Now go out and GO BE IT!!!

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