What Are You Thinking?!!!!!!

teethinkerPeople from all over the globe, from every walk of life, and from every era have searched and wondered about the keys to success.  Millions upon millions of people have asked the age old question:  “How can I make my dreams come true?”  Their seeking always finds an answer; however, it doesn’t always find “the answer”.  You see, success comes to many people, but it never arrives in our lives all neat and nicely packed, and it certainly doesn’t come as easy as we all would like.  My hunch is that we have many cynical people in this day and age, because they say they have tried or have sought their dreams…once or twice, and so in turn the whole success thing is beyond reach.  The funny thing is…they think this way because they missed the proverbial boat once or twice.  So since they have been there, done that, they “think” they have a monopoly on reality (J).   Many times this manifests itself through their expressions of “you can’t do it”…or “you are going to lose your shirt” or better yet, “you are wasting your time” and of course this is always targeted at the resolute few who want to try, or who remain strong, determined, and who keep to the pursuit.

The fact is, just because you or I don’t first succeed, it does not mean that we can’t or won’t succeed, or that we are not meant for the end result we seek.  What it does mean, is that we need to manifest our success, we need to prove to our success that we deserve it, and sometimes this means using different systems and approaches.   A lot of times the first few failures that come along are the very obstacles that we let persuade us of our initial thinking, which is that we are not good enough, or capable, or that we don’t deserve our success.  It’s is after such events that we let our “small person thinking” win over or convince us as well as others that we can’t or don’t deserve more from life.  Here is the important part and it’s essentially the bottom line:  The vast majority of people believe or “think” that their first answer from their attempts at success is “the answer”, when in fact all they have is “an answer”, and hardly the correct one at that.  And why do they believe this?  They believe this because of the stuff that they have in their heads…what they are thinking about and how they are thinking about it. They don’t really think that they can succeed and haven’t learned how to think about failure or how to fail forward.

Success icons, leaders, and mentors have advocated throughout time that our thoughts create our reality.  For example Marcus Aurelius
said:  “We become what we think about”, James Allen
stated “as a man thinketh so is he”, Napolean Hill
held “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”, and even the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius exclaimed “Your life is what your thoughts make of it”.  Were they wrong?  NO.  Were they Successful?  YES!

So what are you thinking?  Are you letting you smaller self think that you can’t achieve because you haven’t yet succeeded?  I want to help you put success thoughts into your head!  Let’s improve your mindset and fast track your life and put it on the lane that it should be on, and if you are already on the right lane, let us teach you how to get to your destination quicker and easier.  At theEducatedEntrepreneur.com, we want to help people succeed, because when YOU succeed we succeed!  We have provided affordable access to the future of learning and positive personal & business development media that will help focus your mind on the ideas, actions, skills, and thoughts that will lead you to your highest and best self, so you can in turn reach your successes and dreams.  Allow us to help you in getting what you want by signing up for our business & life improving content.  Visit us at www.theEducatedEntrepreneur.com and learn more about the answer to becoming your greatest self and attaining your success!

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4 thoughts on “What Are You Thinking?!!!!!!

  1. john biron says:

    i like it….good info

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