To Our New Enterprising Selves

I thought I would The Educated Entrepreneur blog off with a great topic about newness and rejuvenation.  Something I think many of us should consider.  It’s called Learning or Decaying

“There’s a cure for aging that nobody is talking about…it is called learning”.

This was a sentence and title of a chapter which I pulled from a book I was reading recently by Robin Sharma.   It was called The Greatness Guide (Which is an Awesome Book that I highly recommend).  Robin’s words spoke true wisdom to me, as I am sure they have to inestimable others….  Especially since he is the author of several internationally published best -selling books and has been ranked No. 2 on the international Leadership Guru’s Survey.   The sentence resonated with me very well, especially since I have recently decided to devote more effort and time to becoming a better me.  I was astonished to hear these exact words come from Robin Sharma,  a person who I deeply respect, because it is exactly the way I feel, and it ensures my belief in what we are doing at The Educated Entrepreneur, which is to continually push ourselves to become better, so we can serve better.  In our society, we see people constantly talking about how bad things are, how bad their lives are, and how there is not answer or solution in sight.  It is definitely a type of victim thinking that we see our society and world perpetually focused on.  The majority seem to not be interested in taking responsibility for their lack, or their shortcomings, or their problems….a great many acts as if they can’t LEARN how to overcome their challenges…and that is why this is a great start to a great beginning.

So…  it is my hope that this blog will act as an instrument to help myself and others become our best enterprising selves through continual education…. To our new selves.

“The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become.” – Jim Rohn

To A New You

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